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Picking up where I left off

October 1st, 2012 by Ayesha

And so, months later, here I am. Same desk, same laptop, new home and a bigger patch of lake. Outside my window, half the world consists of water now and all the watery things that go with it, seagulls and yachts and a steamboat or two. Last month, I read at the International English Library in Duesseldorf where I’d volunteered, years ago, when it started out as an entirely volunteer-run library. Being there was like stepping into water too, in a way. Memories lapping around my ankles and waves of friendly, familiar faces. Liz Neill, who fought so hard to keep the library open and running, was honoured this year with an MBE.  I will forever think of that evening as being steel blue (the autumnal Duesseldorf Thursday, my brand new blouse) and bright red (a bus in a black and white poster, a bag, an iPad cover, a flash of Louis Vuitton shoes).


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